CATS researchers: Catherine Jacobs


Honorary Research Psychologist

Catherine is an experienced researcher in applied and academic research with expertise in training practitioners and other trainers in assessment methods including the Attachment Style Interview, the Parenting Role Interview and in the Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse. She has particular expertise and interest in child and family services and in psychosocial risk factors for psychological disorder, parenting and intergenerational transmission of risk.


Publications forservices and practitioners

Catherine Jacobs, Yael Ilan-Clarke, Antonia Bifulco, Caring about attachment in young people in residential care: The use of the attachment style interview. Report of a voluntary sector and university partnership. 2012 Community Care Inform’ electronic information source.

Catherine Jacobs and Antonia Bifulco, What kind of parent might I be? Adoption Today, June, 2010


Peer reviewed publications

*Oskis A, Clow A, Hucklebridge F, Bifulco A, Jacobs, C and Loveday C Understanding alexithymia in female adolescents: The role of attachment style Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 54, Issue 1, January 2013,Pages 97–102

*Fisher, Helen L., Bunn, Amanda, Jacobs, Catherine, Moran, Patricia and Bifulco, Antonia (2011) Concordance between mother and offspring reports of childhood adversity. Child Abuse & Neglect, 35(2), pp. 117-122. ISSN (print) 0145-2134

Bifulco, A, Moran P Jacobs C & Bunn A (2009) Problem partners and parenting: Exploring linkages with maternal insecure attachment style and her neglect/abuse of children. Attachment & Human Development, 11, 69-85.

Bifulco A, Jacobs, C, Bunn, A, Thomas G & Irving K (2008) The Attachment Style Interview (ASI) as an assessment of support capacity: exploring its use for adoption-fostering assessment. Adoption and Fostering, 32: 33-45

Moran, P, Jacobs C, Bunn A & Bifulco A (2007) Multi-agency working: Implications for an early intervention social work team. Child & Family Social Work. Child and Family Social work, 12 (2), 143-151.

Bifulco A, J-H Kwon, Jacobs C, Moran PM & Bunn A.(2006) Adult attachment style as mediator of childhood neglect/abuse and adult depression and anxiety. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. 41: 796-805

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Bifulco, A, Mahon J, Kwon J-H, Moran PM & Jacobs C (2003). The Vulnerable Attachment Style Questionnaire: An interview-derived measure of relationship styles predictive of depression. Psychological Medicine, 33, 1099-1110

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Moffitt, TE, & the E-risk Study Team. (2002). Contemporary teen-aged mothers in Britain. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. Volume 43, Issue 6, pages 727–742, September.


Conference presentations and workshops

Evaluating change in young people in residential care - Social Service Commissioners Conference – Swanick Derbyshire Attachment style in residential care July 2013

Assessing vulnerable attachment style in youth in residential care. British Psychological Society Annual Conference 9-11 April 2013

Attachment Style in young people in residential care. Workshop for care staff managers. St Christopher’s Fellowship, Isle of Man, February 2013.

The Parental Role Interview – a new assessment tool for social work with children and families. Kingston University, 27th April 2012

Using Attachment Style Interview assessments in adolescents in residential care. Child and Family Training Conference May 2009.

Childhood neglect/abuse and insecure attachment style – implications for practice. British Psychological Society, Psychology of Women Section July 2007 – Cumberland Lodge, Windsor

Older age care – the contribution of WestFocus Knowledge Exchange Project . University of Keele Conference on Old Age, June 2006


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