CATS researchers: Ellouise Long

Andrea Oskis

Research Psychologist

Ellouise graduated from Middlesex in 2012 with a BA in Sociology with Psychology and then in 2014 completed the MSc Psychology (Conversion). Ellouise is currently working on the 'Developing Research Informed Good Practice Policing and Industry Collaborative Models in Preventing Online Child Abuse and Profiling Child Victims' project with CATS and is also employed in the Psychology dept. as a Graduate Academic Assistant. Her MPhil/PhD is within the field of Forensic Psychology, focusing on online behaviour and in particular, internet trolling. Ellouise is developing her research conducted at Masterís level which proposed a typology of RIP trolls in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting in Newtown Connecticut in December 2012. The overall aim of her doctoral research therefore is to attempt to provide a relevant and adequate typology of trolling behaviour online. Other aspects of her research include attempting to provide a clear definition of the phenomenon and to look in more depth at explanations for trolling.

Contact: 0208 411 6360 Email: e.long@mdx.ac.uk


Refereed journal articles

Long, E.L. and Gray, J.M. (2014). ĎA Proposed Typology of RIP Trolls in Response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting: A Thematic Analysisí. Middlesex University Summer Research Conference, June 19.


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