CATS researchers: Yael Ilan-Clarke


Research Psychologist

Yael joined CATS in March 2008 following completion of her MSc Health Psychology at UCL in 2007. Yael has a broad range of interests spanning health, developmental and social psychology. She has been involved in a diverse array of projects since beginning working with the research group in 2008, with a focus on understanding issues of attachment throughout the lifespan and the measurement of abuse. Much of the focus of this work is how these measures can be integrated into working practice of social care workers in the fields of residential care and adoption.

Yael is currently leading on the evaluation of the youth violence intervention at St. Thomas’ hospital Emergency Department. The evaluation has just begun its second term after the 3 year pilot phase of the project was completed with positive findings. The first term resulted in a publication in the Journal of Public Mental Health about the set up of an emergency department violence intervention. A second paper is now being prepared with a description of the findings from the evaluation.



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Ilan-Clarke, Y., De Marco, J. & Bifulco, A. (2013) Trust in Health Care: Evaluating a hospital-based service for young victims of violence. Stockholm Criminology Symposium.

Ilan-Clarke, Y. Lorenc, A. Robinson, N. & Blair, M. (2009) To use or not to use CAM: In search of a framework portraying the decision to use Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Poster presentation at the Division of Health Psychology Conference.

Ilan-Clarke, Y., Donnelly, A., Shahid, S., Criddle, J., Holdsworth, G., Bunn A. & Bifulco, A. (2011) ‘A less angry life’: Youth violence prevention programme at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Trust (GSTT), London – preliminary findings at 1 year. Poster presenation at King’s Health Partnership research event.


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