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The CATS centre offers workshops and short weekly training courses on a wide range of issues around abuse and trauma. The range covers abuse in different age groups and settings, and covers victims, perpetrators and legal issues. The centre is supported by Middlesex University London for the development of knowledge exchange between research and practice. Our innovative approach takes high level of expertise from both academic research background, as well as from a range of expert practice partners nationally and internationally, to generate courses of high quality, which are amenable to frequent updating as research knowledge, policy and law change. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and academically rigorous, but with a view to practical application and to the needs and constraints of practitioners to increase their professional development.

Issues covered:
• Child neglect & abuse
• Attachment Style
• Parenting
• Domestic violence
• Bullying & victimisation in different contexts
• Internet abuse & Internet safety
• Psychological disorder related to abuse and trauma
• Social policy in relation to abuse issues
• Evaluating social and police services
• Conducting assessments with children, teenagers and adults and Achieving Best Practice in Interviewing for CJS services

Who are CATS courses suitable for?
Our CPD courses and workshops are directed towards: social workers (child protection; ‘looked after’ services; family support services, adoption and fostering), psychologists (clinicians in child and adolescent mental health and adult services), criminal justice workers (solicitors, paralegals, police, probation, youth offending), and workers in the legal professions.

Practice Applications
Our courses cover issues of Assessment around abuse, trauma and risk issues; Research updates on abuse and trauma issues, including understanding conceptual and causal models of risk and resilience; Implications for practice and knowledge exchange; Basic principles of research and how to evaluate services in relation to assessment and evidence-based practice. We provide training in several measures that offer invaluable assessment tools to workers in social practice, such as Adoption and Fostering and Child Care services, and clinical practice.

Individualised provision of courses
Coherent ‘menu’ of courses can be provided singly or in any combination to services on site, or held at Central London university premises. For further information please contact Prof Julia Davidson j.davidson at mdx.ac.uk or Prof Antonia Bifulco a.bifulco at mdx.ac.uk.

Professional Legal Studies at CATS
In addition to the wide portfolio of CPD generic specialist courses offered by the Centre, CATS also provides discrete legal training - visit our Legal Research and Studies page for more information or contact c.hamerton at kingston.ac.uk.







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