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The Attachment Style Interview (4 day course)

asi rcpThe Attachment Style Interview is an assessment tool that assesses characteristics of adults in terms of their quality of close relationships, their ability to access and utilise social support and security of their attachment style. The ASI interview has been used extensively in both practice and research settings to examine psycho-social risks for psychological disorder, including major depression, anxiety and postnatal depression. It is currently used to assess parents and carers in child and family services, individuals seeking psychological services as well as for offenders in forensic settings. ASI was developed by Professor Antonia Bifulco and her team at the Lifespan Research Group.

Our next available 4-day ASI training course for psychiatrist and psychologists working in research and clinical practice (ASI-RCP) will take place at Middlesex University Hendon campus, North London.

Dates: 13-15 September (days 1-3) and 25 October (day 4)

Location: North London

Course fee £600 per person (4-day course).

To make enquiries please contact lifespantraining at mdx.ac.uk
For detailed information on ASI visit www.attachmentstyleinterview.com.

Generic-open courses for independent/individual social work practitioners working in Adoption and Fostering and Child Care, as well as on-site training for teams and agencies are now run by our licenced partners Child and Family Training. Please contact Bill Joyce or Anne Guerri for further information, tel. 01829 250496.


Adolescent ASI (1 day course)

adolescThe one-day Adolescent ASI workshop is a supplement to the Attachment Style Interview and is currently available to those who have trained on the ASI. This will introduce the same measure but adapted for young people aged 14-19. The ASI-AD assesses the young person's support seeking behaviour and attitudes to relationships such as mistrust and fear of rejection to deduce the same overall styles as for adults. The support section covers parents and peers as well as other adults. The ASI-AD is currently being used to assess young people in residential care, and can be used as part of an evidence-based assessment to inform care and planning for young people in need and those Looked After. The workshop will include adolescent case studies, review research on adolescent attachment and discussion of its use in practice.

Our next available 1-day Adolescent ASI training course: date tbc. Course fee: 250 per person.

For more information on ASI or supplement measures visit www.attachmentstyleinterview.com or contact us at lifespantraining at mdx.ac.uk.


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