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CPD training on Child Internet Safety
for professionals working with children

CATS Child Internet Abuse and Safety courses are short training course for professionals working within the child protection arena, including legal professionals, children's services, counsellors and therapists, police and the courts, aimed at enabling them to discover how the internet and mobile phone technology are used by online sex offenders and how to best identify young victims' vulnerabilities for preventative messages and actions. The courses explore issues around internet and mobile phone abuse from both offenders and victims' perspective and will equip participants with a clear understanding of how new technologies are used by children and young people, including their online risk taking behaviour, and how paedophiles use the internet to source, groom and target children. The courses also covered the newly emerging issue of peer-to-peer cyber-bullying.

Please note that in addition to generic one-day open-booking courses, we also offer courses and workshops that are tailor-made to specific requirements of organisation or agency. All courses and workshops are run by experts with long experience in the field of Child Protection and Internet Policing. For more information or to talk to us about arranging in-house training contact CATS at mdx.ac.uk.


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