CECA Interview
The Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse (CECA) interview is a retrospective measure of childhood and adolescent experience. It has been developed by the team at Lifespan Research Group to investigate lifetime risk factors for mental health disorders.

Centre for Applied Childhood Studies (CACS)
The Centre for Applied Childhood Studies is based at the University of Huddersfield. It is renowned nationally andinternationally for producing research, policy and practice that promotes social equality and the well-being of children and families.



book cover btOnline Offending Behaviour and Child Victimisation: New findings and Policy
by Webster, S., Davidson, J & Bifulco, A. 2014

The book aims to be a pioneering text which offers both a comprehensive overview of the established themes and emergent debates relating to the online abuse and victimisation of children as well as new findings from a European study of online grooming. The foundation of the text will be understanding the ‘place’ of the child in relation to the characteristics of online groomer behavior and in the context of current legislation and research into online behavior and abuse. The book presents the authors findings from the European Online Grooming Project, a project funded by the European Commission Safer Internet programme. Order the book from Amazon.


book cover btUnderstanding Adult Attachment in Family Relationships: Research, Assessment and Intervention
by Antonia Bifulco and Geraldine Thomas. September 2012

Attachment theory has become a key focus of both research and practice in understanding and treating psychological and social risk for marital and relationship problems, parenting and clinical disorders. In particular, adult attachment style is a key explanatory factor for understanding problems in human relationships. This practical book introduces and explains an easily accessible assessment tool for adult attachment style, the Attachment Style Interview (ASI). Based on extensive research study, it then discusses appropriate interventions and case assessments that can be made to help families in need. Simpler than the Adult Attachment Interview, which requires expert administration, the ASI is an invaluable and evidence-based resource and is particularly useful for multiagency practitioners working with children and families, including those in adoption and fostering, child Safeguarding, ‘Looked After’ and therapeutic services. Presenting clear and concise descriptions of the measure and summaries of the attachment models developed, it provides discussions of its relevance for different practice contexts. This text uses a range of worked case studies to illustrate its principles and applications. It details attachment issues in different relationship domains to cover areas of risk and resilience relevant for practice such as: Adult depression and anxiety and stress models, Partner difficulties including domestic violence, Childhood neglect and abuse as a source of attachment problems, Parenting and intergenerational transmission of risk Resilience factors Interventions, service application and use in family therapy. Order the book from Amazon.

davidson bookInternet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy
Edited By Julia Davidson and Petter Gottschalk

Internet Child Abuse: Current Research and Policy provides a timely overview of international policy, legislation and offender management and treatment practice in the area of Internet child abuse. Internet use has grown considerably over the last five years, and information technology now forms a core part of the formal education system in many countries. There is however, increasing evidence that the Internet is used by some adults to access children and young people in order to ‘groom’ them for the purposes of sexual abuse; as well as to produce and distribute indecent illegal images of children. This book presents and assesses the most recent and current research on internet child abuse, addressing: its nature, the behaviour and treatment of its perpetrators, international policy, legislation and protection, and policing. It will be required reading for an international audience of academics, researchers, policy-makers and criminal justice practitioners with interests in this area. order the book from Amazon - Kindle version or Hardcover, order from Routledge (US shipping)


davidson book2International Perspectives on Child Victimisation
By Julia Davidson and Christopher Hamerton

International Perspectives on Child Victimisation offers a comprehensive overview of the established themes and emergent debates relating to the abuse and victimisation of children. Highlighting key areas of global concern, and illustrated with detailed case studies of important developments, Julia Davidson and Christopher Hamerton address child abuse, child poverty, child exploitation, child prostitution, and child imprisonment within the context of children's rights, and international legal and policy issues. Their focus in this regard is on the ‘place’ of the child in the context of current victimology and social justice discourses, as they explore the social, cultural, and political context of international child victimisation. A solid introduction to child victimisation for both undergraduate and postgraduate audiences, this book will also appeal to practitioners and policy-makers engaged in child protection and intervention.Order the book from Amazon, order from Routledge


book coverOnline groomers - Profiling, policing and prevention
By Julia Davidson and Petter Gottschalk

The Internet has greatly facilitated the ways in which paedophiles can groom children and young people. This important book offers numerous new insights and, in the process, provides a sound conceptual approach to understanding continuing developments in issues such as characteristics of the Internet and how these are explored and exploited by sexual offenders to groom their victims, legislation against online grooming, the conviction and treatment of offenders… read more. Order the book from Amazon ; order from Russell House Publishing


aWednesday's Child
By Antonia Bifulco and Patricia Moran

Research into Women's Experience of Neglect and Abuse in Childhood and Adult Depression - read more.

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b3Child Sexual Abuse: Media Representation and Government Reactions
By Julia Davidson

A critical overview of government policy on the management and treatment of convicted child sexual abusers. Including original research exploring abusers accounts of their offending behaviour and child protection practitioners reflections on their practice.

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"2011 – A review of the literature on rape and sexual assault", by Dr Nina Burrowes (dowloadable pdf document)





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